Trust Amendment

A trust amendment is a revision to a revocable trust.

Typically, clients come to us with requests to amend their living trusts to make changes to beneficiary, distribution, and successor trustee provisions.

Generally, to be valid, a trust amendment must be

  • In writing
  • Signed by the settlor(s)
  • Notarized.

We prepare trust amendments for our clients.


Q.  How often can I amend my living trust?

A.  You can change your mind a thousand times and amend a thousand times.  We’ve never amended a trust 1000 times.  But we did amend a trust for one particular client about four times in the span of a year as her thinking evolved on how to dispose of her estate.

Q.  What is a trust restatement?

A.  A restatement is a radical form of amendment.  Sometimes, it’s more efficient to replace a trust instrument entirely, especially when the first one was poorly drafted.  It’s like replacing the motor in a car.  It’s still a ’65 Mustang, but it runs better!