Transfer Of Real Estate

Ancillary to our estate planning practice, we routinely transfer parcels of real property located in California.

Typical reasons for transferring property are:

  • Transfer to or from a revocable trust;
  • Transfer after death of trustee;
  • Transfer after death of a joint tenant;
  • Transfer to an LLC
  • Transfer after transmutation to separate property;
  • Transfer into a QPRT.

We do not transfer property located in other states of countries.


Q.  Why is real property transferred into trust?

A.  A trust is a box.  Certain assets belong in that box.  Very commonly, the title to settlor’s home must be placed in trust to obtain the advantages (probate avoidance, creditor protection, etc.) of the trust.

Q.  What is the PCOR?

A.  A preliminary change of ownership report (or PCOR) must be filed any time a deed is recorded.  It informs the county assessor whether an exception exists to a property reassessment.  For example, transfers into or out of living trusts are excluded from reassessment.

Q.  What do you charge to transfer real property?

A.  Absent unusual circumstances, we charge $375 to record a deed and file a PCOR.  Recording fee and notary included.  The Documentary Transfer Tax, if any, is not included.